My username mistake


Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask you about my username. I’ve created it when I first opened this website, having no clue that I’ll ever sell here. Now, it’s been bothering me, since it’s so unprofessional.

I know it’s not possible to change our usernames, but closing an account is not something I’d like to do.

I don’t think it affects my sales in any way, but could I possibly have any problems with that name, since Fiverr shouldn’t be a part of any usernames here (What’s even worse is that I’ve misspelled it).

I’m currently a Level 2 Seller, and I’d like to grow my Fiverr business, but I wouldn’t like a username to stop me from doing that.

I’d be very thankful if anyone could share their opinion about my “problem”.


Think you have it bad, I just hope someone actually takes my requests seriously.


I see nothing wrong with your username. Assuming Zoran is your first name, very clear. Focus on your Gig business, and being a good seller instead of your username. It’s the gig that stands out and your reputation as a seller is what brings repeat customers.


Haa, I have an email that I made when I was in school. As the time passed, it became my permanent address. Now I can’t explain to people what does that mean. <:-P


Reply to @madmoo: If the word mad was a part of his username too, it would be even better!


Reply to @kay2809: Haha, oh that sounds familiar!


Reply to @nigerian: I will never complain again, haha!


Reply to @scoban: That’s true! Thank you for your reply!