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My UserTesting GIG!

Why is it Important to have a User Tester and a Good One? Hmm… User Testing is used to test ones website and judge it. In this user testing, I play the role of your visitor and give you feedback about what I’m thinking as I move around your site and navigation. See how easily I complete a specific task or find usability problems and uncover why people get stuck. I will analyze everything in your website in general, wether it’s color, layout, or organization.

Without a good website, it might make the difference whether one comes back to check it out again. That’s one sale lost.

Don’t make that mistake, and -->Order This Gig<–
100% Money Back Guarantee! What do you have to lose

What I offer for $5:

  1. You give me 3 scenarios on your website, in which I try to complete from the perspective of the average customer.
  2. Will test on Mac and iPhone.
  3. Judgements on my experience in form of Written Notes or Voice and Screen Recording (5 min)… Navigation, Organization, Layout Quality, Color Quality, Usability Issues, and much more.

Only 1 Website will be Tested unless an Extra is ordered!

Let me know whether you want the Screen and Video recording or just the PDF of written notes!