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My verified phone number is not one I recognize

My phone numbers have never ended in the digits displayed. I need to change my profile phone number to my phone number. The one that is displayed is not mine. I know the security question And answer and I am also have no problems logging in. Please help!

If there is a problem with your account in some way, you are going to have to contact Customer Support directly. We cannot help you with account access issues here on the forum.

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I actually am in talks with someone named Hugo from support. I’m hoping he can help with the problem I have. I also would like to find out if there are people out there who experienced the same issue.

Great. Hugo is a good guy. I’m glad to hear that your issue is being addressed.

Yes, many people have experienced this, but all of them had to contact CS in order to address the issue. CS is the only source for answers when it comes to account access issues.

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Any kinds of account issue please contact with CS. Hope you will get a best solution.

Hugo is my dude! What a legend.

Did you get resolution? The folks I’ve been emailing in CS cannot offer me an answer or solution to the fact that my cell # can’t be verified…