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My very bad experience in fiverr

I start work Fiverr 125 days ago, I am a poor boy, buy a laptop 2nd hand 250 dollars. I learn youtube and google no money take any course. overall 125 days earn only 16 desperately need money but now I am totally zero.i have a daughter but still, I earn almost zero. now I am full of depression. every day I start my work at 8 am and work until 3 am almost 19 hours, but not getting any result, practice video many times.but still not working at all. but I am not hopeless and still working obviously I get a chance. but still, I face a big problem, my bank loan, they are forcing me. today I make decisions, I work for daily labor. I mean a daily worker. and night time work on Fiverr.never gives up. need money because lead my little family. please, everybody, encourage me in my very very bad time. earn money in Fiverr short time impossible. please every man realizes my real history.No shortcut in Fiverr. the only skill needed here to earn money just shares my experience. now work for daily labor this is a very bad experience for me, but still, work in Fiverr in the night time.never give up
this is my profile link=


No matter how old you are working.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can earn by doing work.

This is your own responsibility and the buyer or Fiverr is not responsible for providing these essentials.

It will not help you any more but will put you in blind pit.

I can’t believe it because if you are really working hard and have a passion then you can get what you want :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, you can find another source of income until your earning start on Fiverr.

This is not what Fiverr or we are here to listen to.

If you can spend only 4 hours daily by spending your time on the right skills and tools then you can get what you want :slight_smile:
I hope it will help you :grinning:


Thank you very much for your valuable advice,


how is it possible,?please help me.

be patient man. your time will coming soon

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thank you for encourage me,

I just visit your gigs.
It seems that your gigs is not good enough.
Poor choose of main color theme for SEO.
Purple? Orange??? Very bad choice
Please learn about color meaning…, it can help you.,

So many mistake.
Your bullet point first letter, some is Capital , Some is lower case?

Gig thumbnail…, So messy…,
So many color with different size…,
You should know yout target audience, your current brand is like a bottom market…,
While your service is mainly for High Audience Market…

From what i see…, it will very hard for you to get a decent order :frowning:
You need to improve your knowledge and skill first

Still…, Fiverr is the best plaform for freelancer right now…,
as long as you have a good skill, knowledge and attitude…, you can get good income.

Don’t give up, Never Stop Learning! :slight_smile:
Good luck,


Thank you very much, I implement all of this

Your gigs are unethical.

Selling backlinks is just plain wrong.

In another gig you promise to rank people at the top of Google, which you can’t possibly promise. You’re exaggerating to try to get sales. It’s a con.

I’m sorry you’re struggling financially, but you won’t succeed by selling such disreputable, unprofessional things and telling your sad story here doesn’t change that.

And if you’re spending that much time on your business, why haven’t you used any of that time to learn proper grammar? Your gigs and this post are full of errors.

What exactly are you doing with this time? Why not use it to learn skills for gigs that are ethical instead of making false promises in your gigs and selling unethical things?


I’m sorry about the personal issues you are going through, but none of it relates to your topic. MY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE IN FIVERR should be about a bad experience with something related to fiverr not your personal issues. Make your headline about what you want to say so you can get the help you really need.


already I start work to fix all of the issues,

Hello, mam, this is a very painful situation for me. I know personal issues not mentionable in this platform.

I too am sorry you are having personal bad life experiences. Some of us have been there before; However that doesn’t relate to Fiverr directly. Also The amount of money you make correlated to the amount you are willing to work. It’s not just about making Gigs and waiting. There is the “Buyer Requests” and staying on top of everything. The more you are willing to do and push the more you will do.


This is going to sound harsh but everybody has problems and seems like you spent more time writing this story then you have on your gigs, your covers look unprofessional and the descriptions are full of errors, you say you spend 19 hours a day working but it seems more like 19 hours waiting. Good luck!


I don’t fully understand the intention behind becoming a freelancer first and only then thinking about what equipment and skills you need. You should rather think about what equipment and skills you already have and then try to figure out how you can make a living from that. If you aren’t confident or don’t enjoy what you are doing, potential clients can see that as much as forum users have by pointing out the flaws in your gigs to you. And looking at your post I can tell you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re doing it because you’re in a desperate situation.


i appreciate with you,ridwansugi.that gig is very poor.

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Hello @selimrezas,
Don’t be a sad buddy and don’t lose hope.
There is always a little luck for everyone in this world and that little luck can CHANGE everything.
Now, just don’t give up and do work with a big heart for customers and peoples.
Hope all your problem goes and good luck for the future form Fiverr community.

Thank You :pray:

you are absolutely right

Please don’t post in bold as to read your post hurts my eyes … so I am unable to read it.


In life, everyone has been through something harsh but coming here to tell the whole world about your problems doesn’t change anything. At most, you’ll earn people’s sympathy but nothing would change! It would have been a different case scenario if this thread was to ask for advice or tips, then experienced sellers would have given you valuable advice and some people would refer you to powerful and important threads that offer what you need. What you need is to hone your skills and to learn from experienced Fiverr sellers and not a pity party! Though I’ve heard of people earning a lot on Fiverr, I don’t think it’s wise to make Fiverr your number one source of income. I don’t mean to be harsh but just sitting behind my computer at the other end of the world dishing out pity to a total stranger is wickedness because it doesn’t help you, it just makes me feel like a good person and wastes your time. I’ve given you the best I can bro which is my sincere advice - seek knowledge not pity!
Anyway, good luck in your endeavor.