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My very first gig cancelled

Ok so i was delighted to get my very first gig. Photoshopping abs onto someone who doesn’t have abs is hard enough.

But I did it, and well I have to say. But the buyer was not happy. He wanted them to be smaller and bigger at the same time. He wanted them smaller yet bulging out of his stomach and yet he wanted them to look realistic. This is an unachievable goal.

I did the revisions, made them smaller, further matched skin tones. But he wanted them smaller again, but bigger :slight_smile: He wanted the hairs removed from his chest, he wanted it to look real. Again, I did the job. But he was still not happy. He wanted them bursting out of his stomach and yet maintain the realism.

He cancelled. My first gig. Slightly deflated, but I am wondering, how much will this go against me getting more gigs?

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You should photo-shopped him a gym card over the belly area…

I am sorry your first customer was like this. It can really demotivate you.

That is why I do not offer to photoshop, even I could. It just too many vague areas.

I hope you will manage to rise above this and continue. It would hurt your account if he left a negative remark so in this case cancellation was the best choice.

You can recover from cancellation, I just hope you asked CS to cancel,m you did not just accept his cancelation.

Talk to CS and tell them you did the job properly, and you want to cancel but not at the cost of your profile being affected.


Thank you, good advice. We had a mutual cancellation. So thats good… Yes I think I will add a “contact me before” part on the photoshopping :slight_smile:


That is just beginning. I can’t believe you didn’t have that already.

You need to also add that for order to start; he needs to fill in requirements text explanation and image.

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Im only learning, and thank you so much you have helped me a lot already :slight_smile:

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