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My Very First Order Was Canceled by Fiverr (?)


I recently placed my very first order on this site. I have never used it before. So, I ordered a bunch of emotes from an artist whose style I liked. I’ve talked to the seller multiple times, completed revisions, but most importantly: I paid upfront.

Now, why does this matter? Well, I’ve spent the last 3 days talking to this guy. I looked at his drafts, I gave directions and provided references and ideas as best I could. Then just now, I get a message from Fiverr saying that my order was canceled. Yes, I have my money “saved”, but now I have to find someone else, at probably higher cost. The order was almost completed as well.

Problem is: I liked the drafts. They were pretty much perfect.

I’ve received this mail from them:

Hi [name],

We identified a violation of our Terms & Service on [redacted seller]'s side and had to suspend their activity on Fiverr. As a result, we, unfortunately, had to cancel your order.

Well, this really sucks. What am I gonna do now?

I’m thinking it’s because of the time limit. It said “delivery within 2 days” and it wasn’t done on time. But I personally had no issues with that. I told him to take his time and that I wasn’t in a hurry. Is there a way for me to find out what the problem was? He was very communicative and patient with me.

Now I’m wondering if I even want to order something else or just refund it.

Man, this was really not a great experience so far. >:(


sad to hear this :frowning_face:

Aww, man. He was very helpful so far. :frowning: Thanks for the reply. Maybe I can find someone else in that price range that has a similar style. Really just not looking forward to all the references and stuff again. Unfortunately I deleted the files off my PC because I’m currently doing an OS migration. So this really is just an inconvenient set of events.

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Hi @captainwarlord,

The seller didn’t get banned because of you, but because of breaking Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Look for another great seller who can do the job for you. There are many here on Fiverr.

Hope you find one you’ll be happy to work with!


Oh, Very Sad News, try again, hope you will get another creative seller

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Carry on bro, one day you will succeed

Uhm, thank you, but my new order is already due later this evening.

OHH!! Sad news…Try Again and again