My very first sale!😍


People often use to change or lie about geographical location. I am Bangladeshi, started fiverr account in 18th February(2days ago), today I got my first order, the buyer was an American. He was good at communicating with me, so I understood his problem without any problem and solve his problem remotely from Bangladesh.
I am glad that using my real information, I got an order in only 2 days.


I’m so glad to hear about your first sale!
I never lie about my information either and nobody should.


Congrats, i also dnt lie my location.


Congratulations. Your first sale is always very exciting. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Am really encouraged bu your post. My testimony will be next. Its good to be yourself. I didn’t lie about my location.


Congrats! I find that the clearer I am about what I require from the get-go, the more interest comes my way in terms of GIGs.


thanks for the best wishes guys :wink: you are the best <3


The internet is really something, isn’t it? I’m American, and my first sale was for a client in Dubai. It’s amazing how people can be connected like this.


Congratulation.Best wishes for u.But Unfortunately No order.since 2 february join fiver. I m already created 4 gig bt I dnt getting any order.


same here no order since month