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My very very BAD experience with one scammer buyer :( :(

hello guys,

i am going to tell you me very bad experience with one scammer buyer. her name is fragglesrock and she ordered my gig to design a responsive website and he paid me around 250$ for designing a responsive website and upload it on her server.

when i successfully uploaded her new theme on her wordpress website then she keeps telling me changes everyday and i never denied to make the changes. after making around 50 changes on her website, she suddendly asked me that i must give her guarantee that ALL plugins in wordpress whether presend or developed in future MUST support my theme. now please tell me how can i can give guarantee of all plugins in wordpress.

and now when i checked my mail i get mail from fiverr that dispute was opened for your orders.

My available balance was around 50$, this balance become zero and i have around 150$ negative balance.

Please guys help me in this can this happen to anybody??? i tried to communicate her but when i tried to open her profile it says the user account is no longer available. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEBODY :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed.

Please remove the name.

Please contact fiverr support.

hello bachas85

Thanku for your support.

Yes, she is currently using my theme.

what to do now to get my funds back?

Unlimited revisions can but up to certain timeframe. For me, I stated clearly once no more edit is needed and job marked as delivered, I will delete away their projects. So any amends even small edit will be considered a fresh order, and that is not $5 for my gig :slight_smile:

@tapangupta1987, you have to use the desperate move now is she is really such a scammer. If you still can access her site, change the password and forbid her from log in.