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My video for rejected. Can someone tell me some guidelines to get it accepted

Hello Fiverr Community

I am new to fiverr, and created my first gig couple of days back.

Then I created an animated slideshow video for my gig and submitted it. It was rejected.

Can anyone tell me why?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

I don’t use videos and don’t know the answers to your question. But this has been asked and answered many times on the forum. Use the search box and I’m sure you’ll find lots of good advice and the answers you’re seeking.


  1. Your Video must be less than 60 seconds…
  2. your Video must contain “your Service” Exclusively On Fiverr…
  3. Your Video must be good quality…

    I think this will be enough for your problem… :slight_smile:


Video duration must be over 10 seconds and up to 60 seconds.

50mb maximum size

Use only original videos made by you & ideally should have you in the video presenting your own gig. Or include samples of your work, editing effects etc. as long as the presentation remains personal and made by you

Video must say “Exclusively on” (voice over on screen text)

Do not use the same video for more than one gig

Video must be reasonable quality, voice or music must be clear and easy to understand

Promotion of third party services, websites or brands (in writing or narration) or providing direct means of communication will not be allowed

Offering a service for any price other than $5 is not allowed

Make sure your video and gig adheres with our Terms of Service

Videos related to self improvement, getting rich methods, black hat marketing and similar are not permitted at this time

Got it… Thanks for help