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My video gigs thumbnail display error

I added my gigs recently. I have total 4 gigs and among them, 3 gigs have video. In rollout=true mood, 1 gig thumbnail show perfectly among 3. In public mood, thumbnail of the video not showing and when I sign in then no thumbnail display of video but only showing gig’s images. But when I click on a particular gig then it’s showing the exact thumbnail what should be shown. For your kind information, Last I edited my gigs 2 days ago.
Rollout mood:
Public mood:

Hello nazmulk750i
I’m also facing same issue and i can see a lot of seller are also facing this issue so keep assure it seems some type of bug from fiverr and they will fix soon :wink:

I think you should contact CS .They will fix this problem for you …

You can contact CS through this link.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your advice.

I am facing the same issue… does anyone know the solution…