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My video is not approved


I uploaded a video and it was rejected because it doesn’t have audio. The email that was sent to me explained that I can have a soundtrack or narration. Does that mean it can just be music, or does it have to explain.
Also, can I upload the video to youtube, then add music from there and upload that video to Fiverr.

Otherwise how would I get music on the video?


you need to edit your can use video editor software.this software has option add music for your can add music, song or your gig explain voice-track.


You can definitely get a video approved that has music only, although recording at least the words “exclusively on Fiverr” in addition can help get you approved more easily. If you use music only, be sure you put “Exclusively on Fiverr” in text format more than once in the video so that the editorial team can see it clearly. As far as adding music, you can buy or obtain music in quite a few places including buying some original music on Fiverr.

ou don’t want to just strip a song from someone’s YouTube video since you will violate the copyright if you don’t have permission. You want copyright free music, or music that you have purchased rights to. It is easy to add music with free Windows Movie Maker if you are using Windows. I’m sure there are other free ways to add it, but that is the easiest way I know of personally.


Thank you both very much. I have a video software which is what I used to make the slideshow with. It has music but I don’t like much of it. I use Corel Video Studio which is a great video program.
I have videos on youtube where I added music from the list to choose from. Some of it is not copyrighted and free to use. That’s why I was wondering if I could use the video if I upload it to youtube first or if I should use the un-youtubed video.
If I can use the one from youtube, I would have more choices of better music.

Thank you for the advise about including “exclusively on Fiverr” on the video. I didn’t know that had to be included.

:slight_smile: Thank you both again!


You might check this out:


@rkstudio Kindly connect with me and I’ll add some royalty music to the video as well as “exclusively on fiverr” graphic. There is no cost for this and it can be done over the weekend. Let’s connect.


Thank you very much for your offer but I finally got the music on there. I have a video making program with soundtracks but I’m not very fond of most of them. However, i finally found one that worked.
Mainly, i just wanted to know if it had to be a voice over or just some music. i didn’t see anywhere that it said anything about voice over so I added the music instead.
So now i just need to find out what the file size max can be.

Thanks again for your offer!