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My video is Removed by Trust & Safety Team

Hello Fiverr Community.
I have recently created a new GIG with a video. Well, it is Simple That it takes 24 our to Approve. But After 2 minutes of Uploading the video somehow, I reviewed my gig and now it’s showing me That “Video is removed by Fiverr Trust & Safety Team”.

Now the question is.

  1. How can the Safety team review that video in just 1 minute without sending me a warning?
  2. The gig is still active (but the video is not showing).
  3. I know that Fiverr are now facing a problem with Gig. So, Is it a bug?
  4. Should I contact support or wait 1-2 days.

Your valuable comments will give me some oxygen :slight_smile:

If you created your video as a Fiverr condition, then it depends on this situation, you should contact to help and support.