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My video is still under review for more than 32 hours

I have uploaded an intro video on 1/11/2019 at around 9 pm and It displays that the video is under review and it may take up to 24 hours as usual so I have been waiting for more than 35 hours checking it again and again but it’s still under review. As I am a new user, this is my first time to upload a video rig. Therefore Its a huge inconvenience especially for new giggers like us.


Hey man!
There’s been a maintenance update about 10 hours ago. Maybe that’s what has caused the problem. Also, maybe your gig video is just to big? Just heard about another guy who tried to upload a video that was bigger than 15mb, but had some problems uploading it.

Hope that helps a bit. If it doesn’t shiw up within two days, then I would for sure contact Fiverr and let them know what’s up.

Good day to your sir


Thank you so much for your valuable concern dear!

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