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My Video Keeps Rejected


I tried to upload a video to my gig but they keep rejecting it. This is in the email they sent me:

Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘send you the best budgeting program available’. >Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review.
Here’s some advice to help get your video listed on Fiverr:
State in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr.
Offer a $5 basic service so that your Gig can remain listed on the site. All services on Fiverr >start at $5. As you earn Levels on Fiverr, based on your performance and reputation, you’ll >unlock tools that will enable you to offer multiple Gigs or Extras (add-ons) in a single >transaction
Remove any website, service, or product mentioned that is not sold through Fiverr

The gig ‘send you the best budgeting program available’ is not mine! Also I included exclusively on Fiverr in the video, I offered basic $5 package and I don’t mention any other website or service.

This is really annoying.

Can you please help me? What do I do wrong?

Thank you very much