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My video sample keeps getting removed

I have created my gig many months ago. I just wanted to change my video sample.
Here is the same video and I just upload on youtube for this post: video

The videos that I just are made by me, all of them are my past fiverr projects just compiled in a video with before and after comparison. But the music is just a non-copyright music that I found on web.
The edit page always says “Removed by our Trust & Safety team.” The video is only 1 min and 24 secs. long

Then I made a second version of that video, but this time, with music that I’ve made It should be 100% mine now. Here’s the second video.
But same result. “Removed by our Trust & Safety team.” I don’t know what’s wrong with the video. It’s just a comparison, the music is made by me, all videos are mine. I don’t see any problem with it unless anyone could tell me what’s wrong.

Please help me.

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Hey! What if you remove the websites links in some of the client’s logo?
I also see some FF character which belongs to SE.
Maybe that cause the problem! (?)
You could make some pseudo/fantasy logo brandname which don’t belongs to anybody.
Btw, great videos :+1:

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Hello! Thank you for responding.
I have removed all the ones that has website and texts replace with something else that doesn’t have any texts, same result.

I don’t think its the websites and fonts cus I saw something similar with other gigs.

Btw, great videos

Thank you! :heart: