My video was denied (again)


All good and problem solved. My video got approved.

*I made video shorter and added background music.

**Sorry about my bad english.


Hey Labdog,

Could be a few things:

-Your video is not clear as to what your offering.

-That link/watermark might be against the TOS.

-You did not state that your gig is exclusively on Fiverr.

The video was a bit boring and drawn out, the idea is that you have about 30 sec to hook your viewer. Make it to the point and make sure the content in your video is all yours…


Thank you, i will make another one and i hope it will pass.

All the best.


I would recommend contacting support for more details about why it was denied. I had received a very vague message when I had gig photos denied and after contacting them they told me exactly why it was denied. I was able to make a change based on that and it was accepted.

They need to be a lot more specific about what will cause photos and videos to be denied.


Reply to @darklimitarts: How did you know ? is there written rules about posting a video to gig ?


Reply to @designbuyers: No, but if you look at the video about having a banner you will understand that pretty much the same goes for your video.


All good and problem solved. My video got approved. I made video shorter and added background music.


The only thing your video has that shouldn’t is the http address watermark you have, which is not youtube.

Support is inefficient. They apply rules depending on the person’s mood. I had played by the book always and they keep denying a gig saying it has a link to other webs when the only link it had was youtube which is supposedly their allowed site. BS.

I constantly see hundreds, and I am not exaggerating, of gigs that are really outside their guidelines. When I complained about one of my gigs being denied, I brought some one them to support. Its been several months, and they haven’t done anything at all. Those gigs are still violating their own guidelines.

My conclusion now is that they are just discriminating against me on everything I do. I stopped promoting fiverr because of these issues, if they don’t comply with their own rules.