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My View are getting down and I have not received an order

Hi it has been a while since I have set up my Fiverr gigs and in the start my view were ok. But with passage of time I have not received any gigs and my views are getting down day by day. Can someone please recommend something so I can start making some progress. I am getting disheartened.


Your gigs don’t look bad, they just look like hundreds of others in the same categories. You are in some of the most competitive and popular seller categories and in ones where buyers have little trust unless your sample work is vast and amazing.

Other than increasing your original uncopied sample material greatly, you might want to describe here what ideas you’ve already tried for promoting yourself. After reading many of the Tips for Sellers, the Fiverr Academy and Fiverr related blogs and e-books, which ideas from those places have you tried?

To be honest I have not gone through Fiverr Academy in details. But i guess you are right that I am in a category where my competition is very tough. I am lacking that unique selling point in my gigs.

Dear Adeel bahi, plz give me some suggestion, as same is my situtation, my gigs is looking better, i didn`t find any positive result.
Rawalpindi Pakistan