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My views dropping to 0


hi fiverrers ive been on fiverr for a while . now after finishing SEO for my gig titles description and meta data i ve toke the good whiles and crossed my fingers for future clients . it seems this is all what is takes to get initial orders but back then no more then 5 views a day and today is worse its 0 views . if i have missed something pls check that for me i will really appreciate it


I give this advice with hope you do better, not with ill will… #1) Get someone to help you with your English. It needs to be better and maybe hiring a proofreader (or friend) will help. #2) It looks like you hurried through your gigs. They only have 1 picture, and your descriptions are unprofessional and full of grammar mistakes.

Get more pictures (of your actual work), improve the English in your gig descriptions.


I’m not sure what BAOSS is - all I could find was:
BAOSS Beijing Astronomical Observatory Supernova Survey

and for doop I got:
Democratic Order of Planets

Apologies if these are expressions used in everyday parlance BTW - I’m not ‘down wiv da kidz’ I’m afraid. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bad idea to tell your visitors to find you on social media BTW - Fiverr really doesn’t like that. :wink:


It’s an attempt at “Boss” and “dope”. These fell under both spelling mistakes and unprofessional. Agreed, recommend making your gigs like a professional business.


Thank you so much for the explanation! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am all good with people using such words (when spelled correctly) - there are some buyers who will naturally use these words. One of my favorite clients (proofreading his autobiography) spoke exactly like this and I feel my personal “coolness” went up just by being in contact with him. I know my son was particularly impressed with my knowledge of such words (and more colorful ones) although I suspect he may not use them any more as a result.
Probably a good thing, it just doesn’t work well as the lingo for pasty Irish guys.


yes the point here if a gig get no views it means people don’t even open up the page to check whats offered in it. so if they do so it will show up on the my gigs page


can you explain more i will appreciate it .


In addition to what Loganstover said above, I think it might be important for you to use the word “Logo” in your titles. So, change “doop” to “dope” and use the word “logo” too. This will help people understand what the gig is for. At the moment, it looks like you sell “doop mascot designs” and people do not know what it is so why would they click on it?

Also, check your gig tags - one of them is spelled “loogo” which doesnt help you.


no not baoss like boaass its boass pls dont google is irrelevant on google . the point here is not if my gig titles or image are not converting they got not even checked


yes men this explain my choice perfectly you defend the right thing, what Igoanstover trying to point out is the fact that some expressions are more unnecessary or feel unnecessary when we have common words already listed in the standard language vocabulary say the same thing. this is not leaving the us focus on the main issue why the gig pages got not even opened. so please add more opinion why is that ?


I think it is because people do not know what your gig is. You do not even mention the word logo in the title of your main gig.
The words you use do not make sense “Doop” is not a word. I think you mean “Dope” which some people would say means “Great” or “Cool”. If people do not know what your gig is about then they will not click on it. There are 50,000 logo design gigs - they will click on the one they like best, not the one they do not understand.


Well, drooping is another word for sagging, yanno like drooping pants. I know the sagging look is IN at the moment. Only the cool kids like this drooping kind of fashion tho. :smile:


Excuse me, I have been modelling that look since the last time it was in fashion.


So, you’re a too legit to quit or you can’t touch this kinda guy. I bet you looked good wearing your MC Hammer pants. :smiley:

Haute fashion!

P.S~ I had so many colors it was crazy!


Main Issue: Why did no one open the gig pages?

Opinion on Why: When you misspell words they do not make sense and people do not open the gig page.





I think OP should hire a proofreader.


no i can handle that thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, come on. With that :four_leaf_clover: accent of yours, I bet it would sound dope. :sunglasses::v:t4:
'Coz you da baoss like Rick Ross.