My views were deleted by YouTube


I recently ordered from a seller 5000 you Tube views.They were delivered in time but were eventually deleted by You Tube.The views were from Russia.How can I be sure it is not going to happen again ? Are there any reliable sellers that deliver from worldwide? Before I placed the order I contacted the seller and asked him if his views were safe and he assured me they would be safe not only from You Tube but also from adsense which of course I was not interested.Anybody had a similar experience?


what you are trying to do breaks YouTube’s terms of service and is illegal.

So if I were you I would spend money trying to organically, or via legal ads promote my content.

YouTube is not messing around anymore in regards to fake views, bots etc


I do agree with you but why then are those sellers allowed to advertise that their views are safe.Very misleading info.


If you agree, why did you purchase something you knew was against YouTube’s terms of service?


It is not misleading. The views are actually safe … to be deleted.


Agreed on that Ha Ha!


Because he said they were real views and me like a fool I believed him


Never buy views, subscribers, followers… No matter what they say, it’s still cheating, and it’s definitely not safe. You could lose your account for that.

Fiverr is slowly removing these gigs (every now and then, you can see people crying on the forum that their successful gig was denied, and then you see that they were selling likes or views or whatever), and if you wish to speed up that process, you can report the seller’s gig to Customer Support.


OK I will do that Thanks