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My Visa Card is Charged, But No Order Placed

Hello There, I recently placed an order, My card is charged with amount RS 2762.56 but i got an error in return, Can i ask if there was any, why you charged my card? If card is charged, than order must be placed. Please help me getting my money back. Thank You.

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Hey this kind of issue happened sometimes when bank and the fiverr can’t place the correct connection for the payment . But don’t worry you get your payment return in your bank account with in few minute or sometime in few hours. And if not then contact with the fiverr support and then bank

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Hi there, welcome to the forum! This, however, is a “peer to peer” forum, for your issue you need to contact customer support, which you do by filing a ticket here:


Ok thank you. I’m Waiting to see what happend.

madam i have submitted a support ticket too, but no response.

You should have gotten an auto-reply as a first response, which usually has something like “The current initial response time is 24 /48 hours” (or whatever). The actual response then follows sometime after that, usually within 24 hours, if you’re lucky within just a couple hours, but depending on their workload, it can sometimes take longer.

If you didn’t get that auto-reply, perhaps it’s best to check your spam folders or your support activities by clicking “My activities” under the above link to see if your ticket has been created.
If it has been created, you’ll get a response eventually.


Ok Thank You for your support Mam!