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My Visitors: An Interesting but Rather Serious Spooky Issue

So, as a few people on this forum know, I recently completed a 50 day fast. In truth, however, this came about as a complete accident. I originally intended to fast for Ramadan starting on the 6th of June. However, for the first couple of days, I missed my morning and evening eating opportunities and thought what the hell? Let’s just do a 30-day juice fast.

Of course, it was a bit more complex than that. I’ve had some digestion problems ever since being sick earlier this year and had actually been looking into fasting as a way to resolve these. In this case, I started with a 30-day juice fast but as the fast itself progressed, I noticed a few things happening to my body and mind which I felt I wanted to explore further. Moreover, I’m talking for the main part about what others might call psychic stuff.

Firstly, it’s important to note that a fast isn’t about starving yourself. My hunger actually completely dissipated after about 10 days. What I realized then, was that fasting is like activating an inbuilt bodily system which most of us aren’t ever aware of. - A little like thinking of your body as a PC and finally defragging the hard drive and realizing “hey, I wish I had done this earlier.”

In my case, for instance, my eyesight has improved, I healed a broken toe mid fast in just 5 days, my sleep patterns corrected themselves, and yes, I did completely cure my digestive problem.

However, a second part of fasting seems to affect people very spiritually. For example, I started having very vivid dreams between around 5 and 7am each morning during my fast, where I seemed to live a little of the day ahead prior to that day actually happening. I would dream for instance, of there being lots of bees in my apartment, only on waking to find real bees buzzing around my living room. On another occasion, I dreamed of walking my dog, as usual, the only difference being that I had a very distinctive metal prosthetic leg. Did I loose my real leg that day? No, but that same morning me and my dog did bump into a man with a prosthetic leg of the same appearance walking a dog just like mine.

To make thigs even more specific, one dream saw me having coffee at my usual cafe one morning with a woman and her downs syndrome daughter. Later that morning then, I did indeed end up having coffee with a woman and her down syndrome daughter. (And no, we had never met previously).

Now there were lots of other things. However, there was also a dark side. One evening, for example, I was working as usual on my computer, when as clear as day, I watched a shadow of a figure walk up and become silhouetted by my own shadow on the wall in front of me. Worse, this thing seemed malignantly evil, so evil that I tried convincing myself without turning around, that it was simply a trick of the light. - That was until my dog which had been sleeping on the sofa shot awake and started running around the apartment growling like he does when there is someone at the front door at an odd hour.

The only problem, in this case, was that whatever this thing was, it didn’t and I think still hasn’t gone away. I saw it a second time you see, one night in bed, I woke to find it silhouetted against the curtains of my bedroom as if outside on my back balcony. Moreover, once again, I attempted to reason that it couldn’t be real, until after half an hour of me convincing myself that it was a trick of the light, it walked suddenly from my window to where my back balcony door is and melted in with the remainder of the night.

Now, although I can’t really describe it, I know that my fasting attracted this thing. In fact, this is part of the reason I stopped. I wanted if you like, to become the man in the matrix movie, who wants to get plugged back into the matrix and be like all the other unaware people.

The only problem is that not only do I feel that my visitor hasn’t gone away, but that they or it seem to be intent on trying to scare me. My dog, for instance, is blind in one eye and rarely closes his bad eye when he is asleep, A few days ago then, I turned and saw him sleeping but staring at me through a snake-like/slit-like eye lens which had taken up residence where the usual dull white of his bad eye lens is. He then blinked (from the side) and the new eye was gone.

As for other issues. It or they (as I think there are at least two) seem to like to rummage around my lounge and kitchen overnight. As soon as the lights are off and me and Chico (my dog) are in bed, there they go sitting, walking and rummaging, to the point where my dog actually spends most of the night stood on the bed staring at the door as alert as if he’s…well, I don’t really know, to be honest.

This past week then, I have been leaving the bathroom light on in order to leave a shaft of light spilling into the hallway. The good news? This seems to stop everything. The bad news, however, is that between 3 and 5 some mornings, I am shocked awake somehow and realize that the light is off. This then sees me sprint to the bathroom trying not to look at the darkest of the surrounding shadows in order to put it back on.

So… Do I have a ghost problem? To be honest I don’t know. I do know a little about these things and know that the key should be to simply never acknowledge whatever it is. Moreover, this seems to be working to some degree. Everyday lately, the atmosphere has seemed to lift a little. Moreover, there are things such as smudging with sage which I can do at any time, which should get rid of my unwanted visitors. The only problem is that wouldn’t smudging actually be acknowledging them and possibly worsen the situation?

In short then, no, I’m not going to buy a gig from anyone on Fiverr to try and remedy this sitiation. However, I would like to know from those who feel like they have knowledge about these things, why a very positive psychic series of experiences ended up becoming so unpleasant?

I’d also like to know if anyone else has ever had similar experiences (fasting or not) and especially if they too have felt like they have attracted such an entity in some way.

Lastly, if you have had such an experience, how did you practically deal with it?

I look forward to any replies, Andy.

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These are nothing but dark thoughts, which occur because of your lack of belief in God. Believe in God, your dark thoughts will go away. God is your only friend and only protector.

I’ve always believed in God. But thank you. I think posting this was perhaps a mistake What I would say though is that you shouldn’t dismiss an experience or make an assumption just because you haven’t experienced a certain situation yourself. And no, this isn’t a dark thoughts issue. Of course, I can’t prove that. The next step to get actual proof would be to set up a recording device or something but even then people wouldn’t believe and would seek further validation.

Since there are apparently psychics and such in plentiful supply on Fiverr, I simply thought that I would ask for a few insights.

You know what’s more dangerous …10000000 times more dangerous than ghosts? People, corruption and greed.I am going to a meeting to address the concerns that people in my neighborhood have about floods. Because of illegal construction over storm water drains, our colony got flooded this Monsoon season. It can get worse next season, unless corrective action is taken and the illegal constructions are brought down. You can trust God to fight ghosts or evil influences, how do you fight corruption and greed and stupidity even at the cost of self-destruction?

If “God is your only friend and only protector” then it seems to me this would apply to more than ghosts and evil influences. I’m not saying that’s my answer to Andy’s question or yours, but just re-stating what was said since your comment seems like a contradiction to me.

I stand by what I said, I also say that God helps those who help themselves and if an entire society is bent upon self-destruction, even God cannot do much.

Andy, while I ponder my own experiences in this area and consider yours, I have a question. What makes you feel sure that these are malevolent and not perhaps trying to get your attention (for reasons to be considered further) or even being playful but in a way that comes off as attempts to frighten?

I would also be curious to see comments from some broad-minded regulars. Your topic is definitely a fine written Conversation piece.

I can see how you could come to that conclusion. It is the beginning of another interesting conversation that could be a good thread if people are interested.

I don´t believe in God (please don´t get offended. Trust me, God is not offended by what I just said because He is almighty he does not need to be praised by a small dust like me). I help myself when I have problems and I never pray. Sometimes people help me too.

I am a Hindu…it is very difficult to offend me on matters related to religion…we accept all points of view.

I can’t accurately describe how I know it is malevolent. I felt this very strongly when it first arrived. However, then I was still fasting and since I have stopped, there have been no my psychic dreams or anything. In fact, my overall energy buzz is fast diminishing too.

That said. My dog is a very good judge of human character. He is a rescue and all of his problems such as his bad eye, burns around his face, (long since healed) and a star of David branded into his right leg are all the product of some sicko who I think he must have escaped from a few years ago. Anyway, he is not aggressive, however, he will not let some people near him and from experience now, I know that the people he dislikes have chequered reputations, to say the least. (One man who always used to try and pet him regardless, I have since found out is banned from keeping animals).

To put it simply, I trust my wee man’s judgement as good as trust my own. Also, this isn’t a ghost in the sense that it is a dead person. I can’t say how I know that but it feels more like it has always been what it is. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is demonic though.

I know that. That´s why I like Hndu people in general (the real ones - and I have said it a few times in the forum). I lived among Hindu people in Bali. They understand that people have different point of views. They never preached me to pray the way they do, they never judged me for what I don´t believe and they were just cool about it and they accepted me as their friend the way I am. They know that there is no point in imposing their belief on me or on other people. I could pretend to believe in their Gods, but they know it would be pointless.

It’s not unusual to become psychic in some manner during a fast or to have insights.

You opened a psychic channel and something took advantage of the situation to make an entrance which did not have your best interests at heart. It’s best to know how to protect yourself from these unwanted visitors. They will gain access to your home, and you if
they can, to try to harm or control you. Yes they don’t like light. Yes you can be feeding it power simply by paying attention to it. No it is not necessarily gone. Traditional religion doesn’t work to get rid of them in my experience.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is demonic though. I would. There are different levels of them. None are harmless. Less harmless ones are mostly parasites with various measures of control over your habits. If it is turning the light off then it has way too much power and needs to be removed.

I have never experienced such thing, not even once. So I don´t know how they look like. But I have an uncle who said he has and he can. So I asked how do they look like. He told me that they are colorful, like some colorful lights flying.

As I understand it–and apparently there is an entity in my home, though it’s never bothered me–it might be a shadow person. I believe standard procedure is not to let it feed off your fear (or similar emotions), as that’s why they’re there. There’s also something about telling it to EFFOFF and generally ignore it.

I imagine that’s why my local invisible scary spirit has never bothered me, but far too many people have stayed in the bedroom/area of the house where it malingers. I’ve slept in that room plenty of times without an issue, but 4-5 other people can’t be lying when they pretty much have the same experience (nightmares, feelings of dread, black shadows etc).

I’m not quite sure how you would get rid of it. Someone once told me that aluminum windows keep them away (they don’t like it. I can’t remember why), and the sage brush might work, but ultimately, telling it to piss off and ignoring it may do the trick.

I do remember when I was a child (around 5-7) that some nights there would be a tall, shadowy figure standing next to the door after lights out. I don’t recall him scaring me, or finding him terribly ominous–besides inappropriately lingering in a small child’s bedroom–but one night he wasn’t there, and he never came back. Maybe it realized that I was almost neutral to his presence and went away to find a more pliable victim?

Make of that what you will.

I think you need to have a private conversation with MissCrystal. She can help you more than the rest of us.

A commonly reported type of shadow person is the “hat man”, a tall male figure who is menacing and malevolent and wears a fedora hat with a large brim. I have seen this entity and it is definitely harmful and powerful.

Yes, the one I saw as a kid was almost definitely a hat man (although I seem to remember he also appeared to look like an old fashioned doctor–you know the duck face masks they used to wear to keep the plague ‘away’?), but nothing came of it. The one in my home now is probably also a hat man, but they simply don’t bother me. I do get those ‘corner of the eye’ movements sometimes (and of course, nothing’s there when you look) but I tend to think that’s just random stuff/imagination rather than spirits.

The corner of the eye shadows are real. Our brains seem to have a mechanism to block out seeing these entities which does not work as well in our peripheral vision. Sometimes you can see entities in mirrors or photos that you can’t see even if they are next to you or in front of you.

Hat man did some real damage to me. He comes when someone is in a stressed, weakened or sleep deprived condition; when someone has the right combination of vulnerabilities.

I’m setting up a psychomanteum in a large walk in closet at the moment:

Probably because I have no fear in those things (or simply not ˝gifted˝) that´s why I have never seen them. I don´t know if they really exist or not (I had said it before in another thread about occult, ˝I don´t know what I don´t know˝), let alone know how they look like. My brain doesn´t project all those things. I can walk in a dark building, room, forest, etc, without any fears (the only fear that I have is if I bump into something and hurt myself, or get tripped from not able to see in the dark - but that´s more like worries and not fear) and I have never met any of them. I just don´t have that fear of ghosts or spiritual apperances thingy. But that doesn´t mean I wanna meet them. If I saw them I would probably scream from being shocked or scared of how they look like. If I met them I would tell them to bugger off (if I didn´t pass out). Seriously. Just like dogs. I can pass through any aggressive dogs (so far I have never had any problems). But specially with rabid dogs, I would avoid them. Just like humans, I am not scared of big people (people with big bodies) or some tough guys in the neighbourhood wherever I am. They are reluctant to bug me even when they see/meet me. I never look scared, I look at them in the eyes, they know I am neither a chicken or a threat. I am neutral.