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My Website Stolen on Fiverr - Deleted - What to do?

My Website has been stolen via FTP.

I gave my login for a couple of Fiverr gigs to my server.

One of the guys tells me he never logged into the server - but my logs show he did with his IP & location registered twice.

What to do about this theft of my site. The Fiverr guy has already lied to me. But I suspect it is a company as they are online 24 hours a day.

It my own company site that took me months to develop & now the HTML files are all gone from my server.

Is there anyway to restore if the files are gone?

What to do about this Fiverr guy?

Did you back up your website? If not, why not?

You can contact customer support and complain. You might want to shown them the logs and screenshots of the conversation which would back up your story that he lied.

If the website was built through a host you can contact them for assistance.

With regards to the seller. show them the evidence and make it very clear they were the only ones with the FTP credentials and that the log files point right back to them and tell them you expect your site restored to how it was. If they deleted a few files it was probably an accident but if everything is deleted then its possibly malicious. Anyway tell the seller you expect it restored. Some people do backups before working on sites and see what they say.

If they have no back up , or will not help , contact your hosting provider. Most keep a backup and ask them to restore the most recent backup.