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My website was hacked

I contracted a guy to improve my website. He improved speed but I got concerned when my website was no longer visible on Google. I seen via my google developer page someone with the email “My credit history” had added themselves as a admin. They had set my website so it’s not visible on Google. They accessed the website by entering a HTML code. The only person that has my log in was the person who was working on the gig from Fiverr. Could be a coincidence or something more serious??


Hi - sorry this happened to you.

Your best bet is to contact CS, who may be able to help you with this. If it is a fiverr seller then they should be banned … but the truth is, you’ll have to supply proof.

Websites are being hacked all the time, so it’s important to have good security … the security log files can give you the ip address of “my credit history”. You should send that to CS with your other proof.

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It sounds like they did it. Can you change the password so they can’t login?


Yes I changed the password. I think next time I will create a new user for my website and give that to the person working on the project to have more control.

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