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can i promote my website on fiverr for income.

katylady77 said: Of course you can

If you read frankensttein's question again, you'll see that he refers to the action of promoting his website ON fiverr, so he does not refer to the fact of promoting his fiverr profile on his website, but the other way around, which is strictly prohibited.

According to the TOS and recent discussions I've had around the forum, sellers are not allowed to promote any external sites to their buyers (except Flickr and Youtube where you can showcase your works). Everything done on fiverr should stay on fiverr, but you can, however, promote your fiverr profile on your website as long as you never mention your site to your buyers in here ;)

Hope this helps :)


Hey there frankensttein there are some rules with regards promoting your website here within the community, if you want to PM me your link I will let you know if it’s appropriate. Many thanks Wayne.


Of course you can. I am really busy and have been on a month, but so far have added my profile on linkedin to incude my fiverr link, thank you ozz, I will check out the rules on this. I also notice since I have become a leval one seller that I can order business cards, I am going to wait for a few of my payments to come live and then order them its like 5 dollars for shipping for 50 cards. I will post them on my local grocery stome bullitan board, and see if I can find some more. I also plan to join a local womans business group and can network there.

katylady77 said: Of course you can
That's not strictly accurate. There are content guidelines


Reply to @madmoo: I love it when people get confused and solve the confusion themselves :smiley:

madmoo said: the OP is asking if he can promote his website on fiverr - probably not.
if he can promote his fiverr site on his website - definitely yes.

True and True again !


Reply to @madmoo: Always making me laugh or smile - I’m appreciating you more and more each time we speak :slight_smile: