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My weirdest buyer review! Whats yours?

Im not sure what he meant by that, but anyway its 5 stars lol

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Maybe he’s not well versed in English. Just maybe.

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I think he mean that you did it well

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The buyer was simply answering a question Fiverr poses when asking for a review to be submitted.

I don’t remember it by heart, but it’s something the likes of “did the seller help you achieve your goal?”, so something to that extent.

So it may not make that much sense out of context but for the buyer it seemed like an answer to Fiverr’s question.


I don’t think so, he is a pharmacist from the UK.
Yes something like that
That make sense now :smiley: Thanks

Maybe, he didn’t have enough time to leave a review. Usually, my repeat buyers leave reviews like “Thanks”, “Yes, it’s awesome”. However, I have gotten some strange reviews which I can’t remember right now. I have gotten a review with 5-stars, in which my buyer stated “Different time zone”