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My whiteboard gig.can you tell me errors of this gig

hi friends i have created the whiteboard animation gig

but it did’t get any orders

can you check the gig and tel me what is the wrong with this gig :((

Best Regards

Your comments and advises are mostly welcome

Reply to @geekjava88: I would also just wait, sometimes it takes a few days or weeks to get things going :slight_smile:

Why are you calling it a video “scribe”?

And you have this other one that seems similar,

but your English is not correct. It should say “do you” not "are you"

Alos, on this gig you wrote about here, you also have bad grammar in one of your photos, it should say: "If you are really looking to increase your sales and get more profits"

But you have lots of reviews on all your other gigs, so this does not seem that bad if your English is missing some things in other places.

Plus the gig you listed here sounds almost exactly the same is this one that you already have:

"I will create high quality video scribe"

so for this you simply changed the title from “High Quality” to “Professional”

sincere18 thank you