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My whithdraw are always failed


I have a PayPal Account (e-mail is checked) and I tried to withdraw my money, but each time the money is returned with no explanation. I really need the money because the Christmas is coming. What am I doing wrong? :frowning:


My guess is that the problem is with your PayPal account, not Fiverr. I recommend that you sign into your PayPal and see if there are any notes about problems with your account.


I agree, there may be some existing issue with your PP account


Contact Fiverr support team.They will fix your problem.


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He’s a hyporcite with rant, don’t listen to him.


It is really horrible when you can not withdraw your hard labored money. And charisma is coming. I think you should contact fiverr and pp support.


If there is problem with Paypal you can call their Customer Service. Their service is subliem, you get a ticket number, then you call a toll-free number and they person from CS already knows who you are and for what account you are calling. This is great because there are many Customer Services where you have to explain over and over again who you are or why you are calling.
It’is b.t.w. possible that you reached your limit for receiving money on Paypal. However, they can help you with this.


Charisma is already here. Enjoy.


please check if you updated your pan card number with paypal…if you not linked paypal you cannot withdraw money…please check that first…


am having the same issue…for past a month now,my withdrawer always fail