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My wiews, clicks and impressions hits the rock bottom now

I have been feeling terrible for over 4 months now. my concert was on the first page of the search. Fiverr has been my main source of income. all of a sudden my concert fell to the last page of the search. I get good reviews, tips, i use twitter and facebook. i did 10 gig but they are all on the last search page. what should I do? who else can tell me “friend, we fired you and won’t give you a tool to continue work”?

I feel like I’m not needed here. I have second level, but I got thrown out of a window.
I work well and have 150 reviews. I waited, I changed gigs, I shared on Facebook and Twitter, I made discounts. what should i do now?

This seller contacted support about this issue and got an answer. Which is ever one has to take turns being on the earlier pages of search. Plus, when you were new 4 months ago you had a boost for two weeks to a month. Now you have joined the ranks of having to wait your turn to be in the :sun_with_face: and be featured on the earlier pages.

Instead of “concert” the correct word to use in the Fiverr context is “gig”.

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