My wife (a level 1 seller) got hacked and lost her hard earned money


She had both her fb and gmail linked to her fiverr account and she was completing her tasks as usual. Yesterday I tried to login to her account from my PC only then we got to know as we couldnt login to her account using her gmail address. Then we checked her account settings from her PC and saw the email has been changed to some unknown address. How can someone change an email address without even getting a single notification to the main email box.Is that the security this site provide?? Then we saw that particular person has linked a paypal account to it and withdrew $350 of her hard earned cash (Apparently she didn’t get notified that either and cant change or remove that paypal account). We have a 6 months old child and we work hard day and night for her. Submitted a ticket right away to fiverr customer support team now it has been 12 hours still we haven’t got any respond from them. I searched through the internet and found out that there are thousands of so called victims around the world. If this keep happening why wont they take necessary actions to increase security of seller accounts? I hope they will reverse the transaction and get her money back since as I know there’s a paypal holding period in case of such a fraudulent transaction happens. We need to get this done through fiverr team since there’s no way to know that particular paypal adress we cant contact paypal regarding this. Feeling disappointed about their customer support team!!


I’m not sure there is anything CS can do at this point, besides taking notes to prevent this from happening in the future. CS will just tell you that it’s your fault for giving your password to someone else and you should be more careful. By now the money would be gone into the thief’s Paypal account. Maybe you can try and contact PayPal?

What I’m thinking is the hacker got her facebook account and logged into fiverr through that maybe? I would check all recent messages for any sus behaviour, you might find something that may have tricked your wife into giving out her password - any sus links also. Also - check facebook for all this as well.

Don’t forget to change all your passwords immediately.


Reply to @celinedesigns: thanks. changed all passwords + formatted and reinstalled OS already


Check out the paypal address that the hacker sent money to, and you can find out who they are and threaten legal action, etc.

99% of people who are hacked on Fiverr were hacked because they broke the rules of some sorts. You wife probably did something against the TOS. Follow the rules and things like this won’t happen.


Reply to @alliemadison12: thanks allie :slight_smile: yup its a good lesson