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My wife's LEVEL 2 seller account CLOSE without warning!

My wife’s account, which was probably older then mine, closed suddenly today, NO warning. She says she has NEVER broken any fiverr rule, has made more than 1000$ (and you can imagine, has given a LOT of business to fiverr as well) and she had PENDING orders!

Plus, she had money in her account as well (130$+)

What the hell is this??? Why does FIVERR DO THIS? She has contacted them, but no reply yet (so much for the ‘Priority Customer Support’)

Can anyone help please?

Could be a misunderstanding, could be a third party complaint, only customer support will be able to help! As a level 2 seller i usually get a response in 2-4 days, sometimes it can take a bit longer.

Guess what my husband’s account was suddenly closed today also, they said he had 2 accounts, which he does not, and he has not even received one order yet. What is going on with fiverr, They will not provide the prove he has 2 accounts. shocked redrose1

He also keeps getting as an answer from support he has 2 accounts and closed forever. what can be done about this terrible mistake.

you guys share same IP, as you both have accounts on same IP addressee, maybe even using same PC or laptop, and system automatically thinks you have two accounts, when it is actually two people sharing same IP addressee, talk with admin about it, I am sure it can be solved.

You should always get written permission from Fiverr to have multiple accounts in one home, and get it before you create the 2nd person’s acct.

It is also against ToS to:
-Have 2 accounts one one PayPal. (Violation)
-Have 2 accounts in one home exchange purchases. (Violation)
-Have 2 accounts on one IP selling the same type of gigs. (Violation)

We have 2 laptops mine and his we have the same internet service, we live in the same house drink the same coffee, We are even Husband and Wife for 45 years which is a rarity, He has his gig and I have mine, not the same gigs, he has his pay pal account in his name I have mine in my name, separate pay pal accounts. But yet my husband’s account was deleted and fiverr will not talk to my husband except to say he had two accounts which he only has one account in his name. It is a big mistake on fiverr’s end. What can be done about this?

How about setting up separate Gigs under a single Seller name? But then it will be a PITA to account for the revenues. Or perhaps open another account with your ISP. That will generate a separate IP address. But the cost will be significant.

Seeing as how nobody on the forum actually works for Fiverr (moderation is all volunteer work done by other sellers), nobody here can help you. Fiverr’s out to make money, so I think it strange that they would shut down a successful seller over a misunderstanding. As always when I read these types of complaints, I get the feeling that there’s a lot more happening at the other end of the screen that I’m not seeing.