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My wishes for 2020 - verified, analytics, money transfer for a fee


After a year on Fiverr, here are a couple of nuggets I thought would be useful.

Getting cash to bank faster
Top sellers can take funds out earlier, but Level 2 needs 20k income to do so. Which is prettty insane for such a small perk. But, nevertheless, useful perk. More and more I notice that I need to take out some money quick, but I have to wait for 2 weeks. Okay, not the end of the world, but! If there was an option that if you really need the cash asap you could at least pay a small fee. By that I mean like $10 not $50. Or something! Some sort of system where urgency can be satisfied.

I’d also want to see some sort of verified notice on people’s accounts, especially sellers, who should have like “extra verified”, not just as simple as anyone could verify themselves. I wouldn’t want this to come with any limitations for sellers or buyers, but more of an assurance and the rest is up to you.

These could be a bit more detailed, perhaps especially for gigs, like some statistics or what keywords hit highest, etc.


A fee for quicker payouts wouldn’t cover the risk Fiverr would incur by doing that. It isn’t worth it to them.

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Can you expand on “risk”? :face_with_monocle:

Chargebacks and the like.

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If you want more information on your question, :thinking: you can use the search feature on the Forum landing page to lookup faster money payment. You will find a plethora of answers there.


Hello, the reason for the long wait time is that it’s risky for fiverr to be taking payments and then turning over earnings fast. There are various reasons it’s risky.

What verifies sellers are the reviews. I’m not sure what else could be verified? This is like any online marketplace a situation of the buyer assuming certain risks of the marketplace. Fiverr is very good at giving refunds when necessary.

What else could be verified to show potential buyers? There are links to a seller’s google and facebook accounts in many cases.