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My withdrawal amounts always seem to be exactly eight dollars short

Some time ago I wanted to withdraw the available funds, but the amount displayed in the confirmation box was eight dollars lower than what was displayed as available for withdrawal. I thought it was some bug again and decided to wait with that for a while. But today I wanted to finally withdraw something (now a much larger amount) and once again the amount to withdraw was exactly eight dollars short. Is it normal? Did anyone else get this too? Does Fiverr charge some eight dollar fee I didn’t hear about? Or is the available for withdrawal field actually too high due to some bug?

Check your cancelled orders - it may be a $10 order got cancelled without you noticing …


The two amounts should match. I suggest you ask customer support about this.

Also as was mentioned an order could have been canceled leading to the removal of $8 from your balance.

I only had one $5 order cancelled since the last withdrawal, so it can’t be that.

CS it is, then … :face_with_monocle:

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