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My withdrawal button is disabled


I have available funds for withdraw but the button through which we withdraw the funds that button is disabled/not-clickable. When I hover my mouse arrow on it then it shows “withdrawal is in progress”. I did not made any withdraw within previous 24 hours but still I am unable to withdraw my funds.
I also open a ticked but did not receive answer yet.
Does anybody form you knows that what can be the reason and how it can be fixed?


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You are going to have to wait until Fiverr Customer Support responds. We cannot help you with any of your withdrawal effort, because that is not something we have the power to help you with.


I received the message from CS and they fixed this issue immediately after their reply.
I am very grateful :slight_smile:

i am also having same problem , sir please say me to how to solve it

You can only withdraw from Fiverr one time in 24 hours. For example, if you did withdraw on 09:00AM then you would be able to use withdraw button again after 09:00AM next day (you must have cleared amount to withdraw).
Thank you!