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My Withdrawal Payment Limited My Paypal So I Refunded it to Fiverr

Hey fiverr gurus, I used PayPal to withdraw my payment but I noticed that it limited my account so I refunded the payment to fiverr to withdraw somewhere else but I haven’t seen my payment yet. What do I do? I have opened a support ticket as well. Would I get the money or did I just lose it?

It’s always a good idea to read the rules/regs/terms before you do things on a website, but I imagine you know that now. Fiverr does not allow you to reverse funds back into your Fiverr account, so for a while, you are probably stuck with the money in limbo. Fiverr can’t do much to help you as far as I know, but you might try contacting PayPal support and tell them that you need to find a way to get your PayPal account fixed and get the funds returned to there. For any others new to this situation, don’t ever try to reverse a withdrawal - it does not work like you would think.

I think that most people I’ve seen discuss this on the forum eventually have managed to get the funds back into PayPal and how you handle it from there is up to PayPal and you. Your next goal other than this really needs to be to sort out whatever went wrong to limit your PayPal account so you don’t get in a bad situation again. Good luck.

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I have a $2500 per year limit but I’ll upgrade to a business paypal once my business is registered. Till then am I stuck with the situation? Can’t you help me clear the funds? It would be much better if I could get those funds back on fiverr.

@guestpostexp, @fonthaunt is not a Fiverr nor Paypal staff. She is the admin of this forum. I think she can´t help you to clear the funds. :slight_smile:


Contact support, both Paypal’s and Fiverr’s support and explain the situation you’re facing.

Best of luck!

Fiverr is awesome and it’s customer support is very responsive. I just got my money back. Thanks fiverr.