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My WITHDRAWAL PayPal Button is disabled (dark grey)


I want to WITHDRAWAL my funds by Paypal.
But the paypal button is always disabled (it’s a dark grey button) and I can’t withdrawal.
All my oders are completed and cleaned and positiv REVIEWS.

I contacted the support and this is what they says:

We’ve reviewed several complaints from your previous buyers specifically related to your seller performance. All sellers are expected to maintain an acceptable rating, maintain professional behavior, and properly deliver their orders within our guidelines. You will need to contact us again in 30 days to inquire about any revenues you have on your account.

In the meantime, I suggest you to go over all your recent orders and messages to look for any unsatisfied buyer and to make sure to satisfy them before contacting us again.


I was disappointed… I don’t know what I can do I need my money - Can any one help me

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I am having the same issue :frowning: and when i try to recheck my paypal info there is a security question i dont even remember putting


Hi there,

Don;t worry just sent a mail to Fiverr Support with a screenshot of your Analytics page and tell them there is some bug, i have 100% positive feedback.

They will definitely solve this problem :slight_smile:


Hello , this is very bad really disappointed with this.I think you should go to contact fiverr support and they will able to fixt it.Bdw you dont have need to take any tention.This will solve easily.


Thanks a lot Friends… Its Cleared …

I love Fiverr… I Love Fiverr Support…



Reply to @pkmicrowebs: Tell us more. How did you get it cleared? Was it a mistake on Fiverr’s part? By giving us some insight you may help others if it ever happens to them.


I am facing this problem I have funds un my account that are available but I am not able to withdraw them

Please help me what should I do i have raised a ticket it has been escalated to the concerned team I need these funds urgently :frowning:


if you cleared fund and fund for withdrawal then automatic paypal button enable for withdrawal. if still issue again, then no need to worry, you need to contact fiverr support team, he/she definitely help you.



Same Problem Friends… i am waiting the supporter reply…


I have same issue too


If any one receive same type of issue, that means its a temporary BUG, you need to contact customer support, Team will be resolve your BUG sure. Thanks