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My withdrawal went wrong



I normally withdraw using Paypal but i accidentally hit the Bank Transfer button. I haven’t linked a bank account to my Fiverr account. I got this message on the revenue page ‘Please check your email for further instructions on how to complete your transfer request.’ but i haven’t received any email yet.

I would like to reverse this and withdraw via Paypal like i usually do.


I did the same thing. It went to my spam mail; I received another one. After I did finally get the e-mail for direct deposit, I filled out the forms but stopped when I discovered that the deposit would be made by a company similar to PayPal called Payoneer. Since I already have PayPal, I did not complete the forms. Your earnings will not be removed unless you complete the forms you receive from Payoneer. So rest easy.


Thanks. How long did it take for the revenue to come back to your Fiverr


It never left my Fiverr account because I did not complete the forms for it to do so. Since you have not linked your bank account to Fiverr then your funds should still be there.


I also did the same, but the status said “Withdrawal Completed Successfully”. I checked my billing and it is using paypal account. What to do? I’m so panicking.


I accidentally hit ‘bank’ button. I do not receive any funds either in my paypal or bank account. And I didn’t link my bank account before.


@vickiespencer please help @ngugikioi