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My work is fantastic but didn't get any orders in 3 month. why?

hey anyone helps me to get my first order. my work is too good compared to other top seller but I didn’t get any order from Fiverr.


Hi there @kushalmodi633. Welcome to the Forum. I see your work is better then Top Sellers, well at least that is what you’re saying. I love your confidence but If your so good I don’t think you need our help? But if you do, please add your link, so we can help you.

Best of luck!!

Warmly Humberto



Kushalmodi33, I tried to find your gig but I don’t see it under this username. I would love to offer some feedback. What is the gig about?


Here’s a link to Kushalmodi633’s profile. I’m sure he’d appreciate any advice you could give him.

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Have you been promoting your service? If people don’t know that you are offering a service they can’t order it. Try promoting on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc. Tell your friends and relatives about your gig. Advertise. Treat this as a business.

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Weeeeeell, that’s good to be ambitious but how did you establish that your gig is so much better than top rated sellers?


mariashtelle1 you are right…

Please man! Somebody just said, treat it as a business. I second.

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You definitely need to rethink and mention the correct wordings instead of the overconfidence profile, I saw your profile, it is below average profile, that’s what I think. Basic designs, basic English speaking skills, no certifications, no logical pricing, minimum work shown in your gigs. And that is the reason you are not getting the work.


You are competing with 80,000 people that are also providing amazing logos. If you were standing in a convention center with over 80,000 logo designers, How would you make your offer and skills stand out?

Some would say excellent descriptions and profiles. Completed sales and incredible reviews.

If there was an easy short cut to make it happen, then all 80,000 people would do the same and you are back to the same problem. How do you stand out?


I second that


I won’t get into much detail but i will say that your portfolio is limited. Are those your absolute best logos? Do you have any more? Can you create an image with maybe 4 “different” logos you have created. You can design some mock up designs on your own time with various styles so people can get a better idea of what you about.


Your first problem is thinking that the quality of your work has any bearing on the amount of orders you get or how regularly you get them. It doesn’t. This is a marketplace and it’s very competitive. That doesn’t change just because you’re skilled. This is the nature of business. It’s all about supply, demand and the algorithm.

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I didn’t want to hurt his ego but that’s exactly what I thought


initially it very difficult to get an order, as i experienced.

My answer for you is, don’t judge yourself in this status which is a marketplace but consider clients’ review and how you’re ranked in the platform.

hey, thanks for reply. You misunderstand my point. I have seen some sellers whose work is useless. so i told that… yeah i know my work is good. I always try to do better. I do not want to show anyone wrong or down.

Thank you for your time. here is my link

Thank you for your time.

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thank you so much for 100% satisfied answer.