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My work is fantastic but didn't get any orders in 3 month. why?

you don’t have to tell this when your work speaks and client reviews… Become a Top Rated Seller requires continuous hard work and you need to get sales of 20k USD that’s not a quick thing to achieve… so by saying that you’re good comparing to Top sellers wont justify untill you reach till that point… I’m not degrading you in any sense… but you need to market your skills and get the work, there is no shortcut for success and all sellers goes through same…
I would give few tips (btw if you search forum you will get plenty)

  1. Check buyer request frequently and try to get work from there.
  2. Post your gigs on social media and try to get more & more impressions and clicks on your gig.
  3. Communication is key… if any client reach out to you… make sure you reply quickly otherwise they will run away.
  4. Be professional… in your communication, work and delivering things… don’t underestimate your work by selling in low prices… charge what you’re worth of and give best quality service you can.