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My work shows up on Gallery

Sometimes, after delivering an order, my work appears onto the gallery when viewing the gig. Is there any way to stop this happen or is it a buyers choice? I am asking this because (for this particular gig) I come up with band names, username, artist names (etc) and I wouldn’t have thought my buyers would want to share these ideas until they have picked one they like. Thanks in advance for any replies :slight_smile:

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It’s down to the buyer. From past experience on Fiverr, they might just not be reading the box they’re ticking, or are misunderstanding it.

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Ok, thanks very much.

The images that you send to them must be appearing in your gigi’s live portfolio.

Hence, it’s up to your buyer whether or not they allow the image to show publicly in your gig gallery.

You can turn on the watermark option if you think people could steal the work from your gig gallery.

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