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My work uploads FOREVER. I wont stop uploading!

Every time I try to upload my work, It will just load forever and I cant finish my work.


Are you sure it’s fiverr bug and not your internet connection?
A lot of internet providers are suffering right now as it wasn’t expected so many people to use it at the same time like during this quarter period.

I do not think it is a personal computer bug. It is now April 2021 and I am having the same experience. I cannot upload my file.

I also can’t seem to get in touch with a Fiverr associate.

Try using Chrome. Try doing a full page reload (ctrl F5) and try uploading it again. Try just leaving it and not doing anything else when it’s started uploading (eg. don’t open the file in anything else while it’s uploading). Make sure any necessary cookies are enabled.

If it still won’t upload I think Fiverr says they allow use of something like dropbox in that case but I’d check that.

Than you very much for the suggestions. I have actually tried everything you mentioned and unfortunately having the same issue.

I even tried Edge and Firefox. Cleared my cache, history, retarted/rebotted, etc.

And my file(s) are less than 1GB.

Try creating a support ticket at
if you haven’t already. You could check with them if it’s okay to use dropbox or something if it still won’t work.

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What is your speedtest result, can you share?


If it’s very low and the file is very big I think it might time-out if it takes too long. If it’s low and other things were being done at the same time that might also affect it. It might just seem like it’s not progressing but it might actually be (eg. it’s just taking a long time due to a low upload speed). It would help if Fiverr showed what % of the file was uploaded every so often (or amount in MB) for big files. Though dropbox software is better for that where it can continue where it left off if there was a connection issue, even though I think it’s a slower upload than to Fiverr.