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My Worse 22 Days

I am shocked because i join fiverr 22 days ago.
But still no order, no message.

Fiverr is not for me i think.
I can get better work on other freelancing website in 22 days.
Kindly check my gig and guide me where is the error.


just keep patience and use buyer request to sell your services. soon you will get order.

Thank you so much.
Its too much # adnan_superior

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Don’t worry about that you will get order :slightly_smiling_face:

There is NO specific time within which you are supposed to get an order on Fiverr. There are people who got their first order within 24 hours after they created their profile and gig. At the same time, there are other people who got their first order after 6 months and even some didn’t get any order in a year. I got my first order 3 months after I started working here and then it kept going.

So just keep struggling and you will make it happen if you are true to your purpose.
Good luck!

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My third day still waiting I believe my customers will come

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