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My Worst Experience In Fiverr

Hey there,

As you all know , valentines are coming and I buy for my 2 customer illustration . The Artist I choose was Artist , we work together for almost 3 month .

I make the order and send the photos as usual, but today I get the illustration and I see that something is different so I asked the artist what happened?

Artist tell me that his friend make my illustration. I was still calm and answer him “
No friend, you are the best , please I want you to make my illustration “

But then he offer me “cancel it”

I was in shock . I order work from artist and he moving my work to someone else and also tell me to cancel?

What do you think about this?
Throughout the conversation, ***** ** was very arrogant and confident. It is clear from his answers that he knows that he cannot be harmed.

As a consumer this is very annoying. Knowing that he can do whatever he wants and not get hurt by it.

On the other hand, I as a customer was very hurt by this, that I got jobs not as I ordered and now I have to spend extra time and money finding a new illustrator.

What do you think about such conduct in front of a client and an artist?

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What I think, well he probably should change his profile description

“your satisfaction is our priority”


@idanbenabu Edit your post and image. It is not allowed to show the name of the seller both in the post and in the attached image


Thank you I will make it


Haha. I am still in shock

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He acted rudely… He could have always explained the situation better. Ohwell sorry you had that experience, but don’t work with him again… His work is good though. Too bad his attitude isn’t!

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Though its nothing surprising that he is outsourcing when he has 11 orders in queue on one gig with 3 days delivery time each. But rude behaviour is not cool at all.


Hey everyone… what can I do to report this guy?

It’s just get uglier

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How can I report him ?

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You could always write to customer service if you want to complain about him, but, he is within his rights here to cancel an order. And, it will impact his account, because his completion rate will take a hit.

Sounds like you are outsourcing yourself, just like this guy is?



I agree with you! Also @idanbenabu just talk to Customer Support about it. Although I don’t see how CS will be able to help you. The seller has the right to cancel, and you also get refunded. Find someone else to do it.

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Yes I am also out-sourcing. But this very different.

He is the artist .

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Did you report them?

You can hover over the text (you can do it on desktop, I’m not sure about mobile) and click report.

You can also contact CS at

This is Fiverr cs?
Thank you

Artist send me cancel offer. I take it, he don’t left me any choice but I will continue work with Fiverr freelancers .
What Fiverr do to fight this kind of sellers?

I want to report him to Fiverr .
Do I need to send message to customer service or there is email for this kind of situations?

I don’t think reporting him is going to do much. You both agreed to cancel the order and move forward. End of story. I know you are annoyed with this seller and his approach, but, my guess is Fiverr will just tell you that you both were not a good fit and to move on.

His completion rate will now take a hit and that could impact his placement in the listings, his ability to keep his level or level up etc.



While the artist wasn’t the nicest - I suppose - I don’t see the point in reporting someone for outsourcing their work. There are no rules against it ( do I think it’s extra hassle if something goes wrong? Definitely. Would I feel weird reselling someone else’s work? Also yes. But it’s still accepted and happens all the time). As long as they paid for commercial rights they do what they want with what they have paid for.
(I do understand why you feel like this and I personally believe in this just causing a bigger headache to everyone but I’m not sure if you’ll be taken seriously for the seller cancelling (they have the right to do so - and outsourcing their work). (I do think your main issue is the cancellation but I can understand doing so if the seller knows they won’t have the time / etc. To draw everything from scratch (or don’t offer revisions.) It happens. Definitely not fun but fiverr is a bit of a hit or miss.

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