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My Worst experience of an order

Few days ago, i got work from New Buyer who was from Australia.he want to convert 33 PDF to an excel files after accepting the offer. he gave me just 6 files and became offline. i message him but he gave no response. and i start working on 6 files i wait for his response for 2 days then i deliver the work. and on the 3rd day after work delivery that buyer came back and provides all the file more then 33 and i start working on that and when the times comes to deliver again that files. Project marked as complete Automatically. and the buyer start requesting to deliver it through E-mail. as the deliver again option was inactive and in confusion i create an offer to deliver the work(Wrong Step by me). and i got WARNING from Fiverr. and Bad rating and views from Buyer not for work but for new order. Now a bad image of mine spread which i am not… God knows i worked honestly for him and helping him.

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You received the warning because you marked the order as complete before sharing the entire order. You just sent half of that, check the TOS and you will see you are not allowed to mark the order as complete without sending everything. All you can do in a situation like this is to leave the order as late and ask for an extension, hopefully the buyer replies on time. OR, you can cancel the order.

i was unaware of that how to ask for an extension, because few weeks ago i got my first order. Now after this experience i learned a lot.

From what you have just written, you have learned a lot from the experience you have with the buyer. You just have to move on, wish you success.

Thank you. i hope so i will get a new order soon and Good Reviews and rating.

Though there’s no option for a seller to “mark the order as complete” (they can’t mark one of the order’s they’ve received as “complete”). There’s just an option to “deliver work” and “re-deliver work”. Only the buyer can mark an order as complete or an order will auto-complete 3 days after delivery. The buyer can re-deliver as long as the order isn’t set to complete.

Yes the seller sent a partial delivery and that will have been against the TOS and they shouldn’t have done that. The buyer shouldn’t have started the order without the requirements being complete (they only initially sent 6 files) and they later, according to the OP increased it to 40 files to do even though they only paid for 33, which they shouldn’t have done.

Requesting cancellation of the order or requesting a delivery extension in this case might have been best if the requirements hadn’t been filled in properly. But the buyer might not have accepted. Maybe the delivery extension request would have been the best to use.

Also the OP could have told them they sent more files than were in the original offer/requirements and asked what would they like to do about that, eg. create an offer/new order for the remaining 7 files or just do the 33 or maybe an extra could be added to the existing order to increase it for the extra 7? Or the OP could have done all 40 (which was done) in the same order.

Also if a review is posted which is false/against policies, I think Fiverr could remove that (Fiverr has removed some buyer reviews in the past). Though I’d also be careful of asking for review removal and check out the policy first (some people have received a warning for asking for reviews to be allowed to be modified).


sellers can’t mark orders as complete

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The marked as delivered, whatever… You get the gist of what I am saying anyways. Partial deliveries are not ok and they will bring an account warning.

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What’s being that here is that there was an agreement to deliver 33 files and OP delivered 6. You can’t do that no matter how difficult and inaccessible the buyer is.

Plus, there was a custom offer created, in confusion or not, to deliver the files. Making it look like OP wanted extra payment for the initial delivery. You can’t do that either.


He should have got extra payment for the 7 extra over the 33 (making a total of 40) that the buyer eventually sent.

I agree but from what I’m reading, it’s not what the custom offer was for. And the initial delivery was incomplete.


yes if i made a mistake then that buyer too. because when i message him that i need one day more and if a buyer had an option to extend the delivery time why did not he use it?

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95% of buyers have no idea how the site works. It’s your job as a seller to know your options to protect yourself and your account (and stay within ToS).

We are not allowed to make “mistakes” too often, unfortunately.

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what should i do now? should i contact to the support again to tell them that the buyer sent to me extra files and when i message him that i need one day more he agree on it but did not give.
one thing more i want to know as because of bad rating and reviews of that buyer my rating down to 4.1. can i still get orders?

You might get a second warning if CS looks too closely into your situation. If you both 1) delivered 6 files out of 33 and 2) sent a custom offer afterward that in any way implied that the buyer had to accept it and/or pay extra to receive the rest of those initial 33 files, you broke ToS twice.

“But the buyer…” defense is not good in these cases. I’d move on and keep working.


No i did not receive extra money or did any thing else. i did not broke TOS twice.

I didn’t say you’ve received money. But you did create the offer and the goal of creating an offer is to receive money.

You’ve agreed to deliver 33 files. Then delivered 6. Then delivered the rest. Then was asked to deliver the files again and created an offer to do that.

You could send 33 files via message and create an offer for another 7 that were outside the scope and clearly explain to the buyer why you were sending them another offer. If this is what you did and if this is what the offer specifically says, good. If it’s in any way unclear what you were asking to pay for, they might view it as a second violation.

Since we don’t know whether your warning is for incomplete delivery of 6 files or for some confusion with the custom offer, I wouldn’t push this matter.


in 4.1 rating can i get orders?

I don’t know. Hopefully, someone else can answer that.

Just to clarify, it’s unfortunate what happened to you and wish fiverr would be more understanding and forgiving towards new sellers, but they have a very strict policy against partial deliveries regardless of the reason.

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I agreed with @lenasemenkova you should have asked the buyer to extend the delivery time and then negotiate for the extra work. Once the order was marked as auto-completed(in fact, you delivered partially) you should send the rest of the files in inbox(initially agreed number of files) and then can ask the buyer for the extra files.

4.1 out of 5 is not bad.

You already learned a lesson, move on and keep it in mind to be safe.