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My worst experience on fiverr

Being blackmailed by a buyer who want to force me to continue to work with.
I refuse, result I get a 1 star review.

I still have the conversation in wich he cry and try to convinve me to continue, my work is good, he will put me a 5 star if I continue with him … and so on.

As I know Fiverr want to promote full transparency, I think this full transparency is badly served by a review system allowing this misusage.

So every one can see this dammageable review on my profile.


You can always write your answer and your side of the story in your rely to his review. Then everyone will see both of your answers. Sometimes well thought reply counts more than just a bad review.


This is actual a violation of the TOS … if he says he gives you 5 stars or 1 star is the same thing … he is manipulating the rating system , you should report him


Thank you for your support @ cre8iveartwork
I have reported him.
At this time, I just had a preformatted answer saying they are sorry to read about my experience.
But nothing to repear the disagreement that such attitude generate.

Well thats very unfortunate and depressing to see as a seller honestly. I think Fiverr needs to look into this commonly and constantly occurring problem .

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Ya I reply.
But it is only viewable on my profile.
Not on his profile.
So this buyer can continue with his unfair attitude.