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My worst experience

I got a bad experience today someone ordered my gig yesterday, to paraphrase an article which i did and delivered he demanded for plagiarism which i did, after paraphrasing it and making sure it is unique.
To my sudden surprise he said it is very poor in plagiarism i said ok he should hold on while i review it to get a better job. Before i could finish the reviewing he just request for the cancellation of the Order.
I was very pissed and i dont want Negative reviews or anysort so i decided to agree to cancel the Order. Please i need advise on how to deal with such people.


Why did you not check if it was poor in plagiarism and rewritten again to make it unique before delivering the article to him?


I did with so many plagagarism softwares and sites

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Show your buyer some screenshots to prove that its unique…


If you Google “Small SEO Tools” and search for their free plagiarism checker, you will be able to copy and paste text onto the site and run a free plagiarism check. Once this is done, you can also download a free copy of the results.

Some buyers try to scare sellers into canceling orders by saying that work is not original. All you have to do to beat them is redeliver your work with a plagiarism report like that which I have just detailed. You can also use other tools like Grammary to check for plagiarism. The most important thing is that you redeliver work with proof that work is unique. This way, if CS ever gets involved, they will see that you have done your best to accommodate a buyer.


If you are going to do this kind of work you need to be smart about it and do what cyaxrex said. Send them a report from a plagiarism checker along with the delivery.

Then refuse to be intimidated by them if they want to cancel and say no. Never let them cancel if you did the job correctly. Or if you are afraid of a negative review you can let them cancel, it’s your choice.

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