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My worst fiverr mistakes

Let’s talk about some things you wish you hadn’t done on fiverr.

  1. I once used a picture of me in a fedora as my profile picture. For six years.

  2. I placed the phrase “I will write a song about anything” at the top of my gig. Turns out, no I won’t.

  3. I gave unlimited revisions to a gentlemen immediately after he described himself as multiple personality. This was years and years ago.

  4. I let a client convince me to write a song about a talking helicopter. From Hell. That had brought humanity to the point of destruction.

It was a ballad.

(I relayed this message to a co-worker friend of mine who had, at the time, been nominated for a Grammy and called me to fix a new song of his and co-write. His response… “you know you’re a staff writer, right stupid?”)

  1. I got into an argument with a fiverr psychic who kept saying, “I knew you’d say that.”

I would like to tell you that any of those mistakes were enhanced for comedic effect. They weren’t.

What are some of your favorite mistakes you’ve made here?


Awesome contribution.

I didn’t realize that humous mistakes was such a unique quality.

Always thinking that people are wanting a good outcome for the things they claim to want, but in reality, their actual wants are rather different.


  • Client says: Help make my Song good (brilliant, my job, my skills).
  • Client means: Flatter me, don’t change what is wrong with my song, merely tell me it is greater than “Hotel California” (assuming they know what that is). Do whatever I tell you even tho it will be the complete opposite of what makes a better song because I actually hired you to make me feel special. When the song bombs they claim that they were ripped off and go find someone else to do the same thing, only at a lower price with a larger chip on their shoulder.


Except, sorry it is not funny. Strange, bizarre, but not amusing.



I was in Hotel California once.

They lied.

You can leave.


I think it was meta-phonical, the leaving bit. All those door & windows suggest physical leaving would be the easy bit.

There is a cover I did in my Chiptune Gig. I covered the cover too!



Oh dear…

It’s a shame as to how the fedora fell so far from grace.


Technically, I haven’t made a mistake on Fiverr yet… then again, it’s just my seventh or eighth month here. Everything I do is legal and all orders have went in my favour in the end.

The closest thing to “mistakes” I can describe is that I’ve opened a few gigs which performed very poorly, three specifically. Only one of these bad gigs resisted but it’s getting sent to the shadow realm very soon.

What I can say to people reading this thread: do things 'cause you love them and 'cause there’s a market. Simple as.


Quick question: was it a fedora or a trilby?? Because there is a stylistic and a fashion difference, I assure you :laughing:!

My biggest Fiverr mistake thus far has been in trying to present myself in a certain light through my gigs, not realizing that I’d fallen into the old trap of worrying if I’d be misunderstood. I realized instead that I should have been embracing that I am many things all rolled up into one entity, and what that looks like is going to change many times.

So, I set out to correct my mistake by following some great advice I picked up by the artist, Royal Nebeker: “Paint (or create) whatever is most pressing on your mind”. What’s been currently on my mind, where I am right now, is what I used to inspire the overhauling of my profile, and now, I see me, the real me, in my gigs. And it feels and looks great!


Yes it is and to be fair - I am the life sized opposite of whatever hybrid of hipster, new-ager, post modernist, ironic fedora wearing bleeding heart that you could imagine.

In my head, I’m doing some modernistic take on the rugged masculinity of love songs, like some misguided Sinatra.


Whatever it was, it was clearly not a decision to be taken seriously.


I would also include neckbeards and white knights to the list.

Tips Fedora

My Lady

Shudder in cringe worthiness :grimacing:

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Those are the ones. That’s the list I’m referring to.

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I have none.
Because everything goes as planned !



We’ll have none of that teleological, sequential, rationality axiom talk around here.

I prefer my problems the old fashioned way. Chaotic. With a side of, “what was I even thinking?”

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In that case the topic should be extended to our personal life mistakes !

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