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My writer 100% plagiarized but I've already reviewed

What would you recommend I do? I’ve already given my writer a 5 star review only to find out that the entire work is plagiarized.

All she did was copied and pasted the entire thing from the Internet. Didn’t rewrite a single word.

I’ve already paid and it’s too late to change my review too.

Any suggestions?

Yeah. Contact Customer Support

I shouldn’t really need to say this, but you absolutely need to check all work for plagiarism. Contacting customer support is about all you can do, but I wouldn’t have any great expectations of the process.

I thought you could change the review for up to 30 days. Maybe they took that option out now.

It’s 3 days now.

Ouch! As another has said, simply contact customer service. I offer writing services here as well and had a few people literally take my description for my gig and put it as their own.

Thanks everyone. Yes, I should have checked it right when I received it. Now I will know better for next time…

I’ve contacted customer support but have not heard back from them. The Seller has cancelled my order after complaining to them, so I am due a refund, but I just feel bad for all the other people who may be scammed by him/her since my great review is still posted.

I cant change it. Hopefully customer service will let me change it.

Sorry to hear your troubles, but am glad you’re getting a refund of your order. As a writer myself, this just irks me to no end. Let us know if customer service will allow you to change the feedback even though the order has been cancelled. I’m quite curious about that.

Good luck!