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My writer plagerized my entire paper!

I wasn’t able to review my writer’s work until after the 3 days was up. I discovered my term paper was 96% plagerized. I continued to contact the writer but he won’t do anything. VERY dissatisfied buyer! Guess I got taken advantage of :frowning:

Well, to be honest you deserved it if you are not doing your school work yourself :slight_smile:

If you had someone else write your paper, which you were going to pass off as your own writing, you were cheating anyway. I’d say that the academic community was taken advantage of more than anyone else.

Thank you Nickih i agree with you…

A wrong looking for a right…senseless!

But did notice how quick you came on here to WRITE (type) a compliant on what you had a problem with…but what you should of done was use that money on a red bull and whipped out a paper of your own.

Reply to @musiklep: However shame on the seller as well =( not cool dude

"My area of study is criminal justice."


Reply to @ricksper: Oh the irony…

Are you kidding me? Are you publicly complaining that you got cheated on…when you wanted to cheat yourself?

You are in school for a reason, start putting some hard work in it before real life slaps you right in the face.

Haha, thanks for the laugh. Lesson learned I hope.

Most authentic writers, like myself, will never write term papers or academic assignments. If they do then they are using spinners or copying out of a book.

Someone plagiarized while you were trying to plagiarize!? OH NO…

Sorry, but I’m afraid you won’t find much sympathy here. Canceling the order (through the resolution center) and getting your money back is your best bet. Or leaving a negative review.