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My "Written" Gig extras aren't showing up? :(

Hey guys! Im hoping someone can help me.
With Fiverr’s recent up-do in gigs where there are some default gig extras and packages which you can activate, my older written gig extras seem to have been swallowed up:(
They still show up inside the “Edit Gig” panel and no matter how many times I tick the box, click save and wait more than 48 hours, they are still not showing up.

I’ve also tried to see my gigs as a viewer by using someones else’s account and they still don’t come up. I’d like customers to see the full range of upgrades not just additional revision, express etc. so this is crucial!

Anybody! Help!

:)thanks !!

This is a Customer Support issue! Good luck.

Same thing is happening to me. I have written to Customer Support, hopefully they write back soon. Gig extras are very important.

He i too got the same issue it is great if you guys come up with a solution.

If you decided to implement the 3 gig packages your gig extras won’t show up on the main page. Those appear in the order process when the buyer selects his package. Hope that helps.


Yeah thanks that helped a lot. This is the kind of stuff you need to let people know.