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Mysteries of gig page audio volume!

Occasionally, I browse through the gigs of fellow voice actors to check on trends, pricing, FAQs, revision policies, etc.

I can’t help but notice when clicking on videos or demo reels that quite a few of them make me want to immediately turn my volume down as they blare deeply into my ear canal. I’m not sure as to whether it’s a case of me having my own headphone DAC running too hot, another case of Fiverr doing strange things to uploaded audio on one’s gig page, or if it is intentionally meant to be that loud.

If it is intentionally loud, then I guess it may be because a seller might be worried prospective buyers won’t be able to clearly hear the audio through their mobile device or tinny ear buds. Or, it may be a case of being loud is much harder to ignore than being moderate or quiet.

I personally try to get my audio between -22 to -18 RMS average amplitude, but usually prefering the quieter side.

Just was wondering if I was the only one who’s noticed this. :mag: :thinking:


Fiverr is not kind at all to audio or images. I was amazed how terrible their algo made my material sound. And normally I am the guy saying not to fuss over YouTube or Soundcloud compression. It sure doesn’t help anyone in visual art or particularly music. Voice shouldn’t be too bad.

Being TOO LOUD would simply indicate terrible Mixing or Audio-Post skills. Dynamic Range is vital in mixing or while the material sounds impressive for 5 secs, the message gets lost as the listener finds it wearing and shuts down.

This is inevitable when people expect more results for less pay and scared sellers start doing things they aren’t skilled in to avoid the costs of using someone who is skilled. It is sad but the world people seem to want.



Just to note, a number of these extremely loud gig videos/demo reels are from sellers with lots of sales/experience on the platform. It’s not simply a case of rookie sellers learning as they go.

-I’m not here trying to criticize others, it’s just simply something I’ve noticed. :wink:

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I understand.

Most people want things mixed with a 1db dynamic range. I get abuse from people with less experience than I have for mixed or re-mixed things to have a dynamic range so they are beautiful rather than on-dimensionally brutal. It is a fashion thing.


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I have the same concern, it happens to me with my audios they are heard too loud even though I take into account everything regarding the volume when I make my recordings. :roll_eyes:

The audio levels presented on your mic preamp or audio interface (if you are using one or both) very likely are not the same levels that are presented on your DAW. If you are using a USB microphone, you likely don’t have a preamp or analog to digital interface, so adjusting the volume knob on the mic itself or from the computer volume controls are your options.

If your levels are coming in good and you have good mic positioning, then it may be an issue of how you are editing the recording.

Headroom in audio recordings is extremely important and versatile to have, unless you are intentionally going for a highly compressed, crunchy tone.

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Oh good… I’m not, BY FAR, a professional mixer but I thought I messed something up terribly when I played the audio. It nearly blew my speakers… Also, why does the picture on my gig behave as a video? I have to press play and only then does another play tab show up in the lower left corner which has to be clicked in order to hear my track.

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Howdy Mr Pig

Assuming you are talking about the Bassman Gig: levels for the track seem right where they should be. Clean, clear, and I must say absolutely not what I expected from such a moniker. My fave bassists are Mick Karn & Pino Palladino.

I am unclear on what you deliver though: is it just a video telling me (in vain) how to play this line you created or do I get an Audio Stem ready to drop in my Mix? An FAQ (or twelve in my case) can make this a lot clearer. I wonder why you don’t offer the Audio Stem, surely that is what most people would want???

If you have no Vid but a Pic and an mp3, Fiverr puts the pics and mp3s together. Kinda kind of em really, but you need to be aware that if you have a Judas Priest song it doesn’t end up under the Iron Maiden banner.


I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing yet. I WANT to offer that, but I can’t until I figure out my predicament… :rofl: I recorded that track on Studio One years ago and thanks to Reverbnation I still had access to download it… The main hard drive for that station was obliterated in a fit of rage after a two day session lead to a single sour note that just broke my mind… I destroyed my custom built computer with close to 400 recordings, and an 800 dollar five string by smashing everything in my building WITH said bass… :rofl: I’d never just stared for two hours at any one thing in my life before I stood there silent, looking at the aftermath, once I came to… I literally only have my Reverbnation tracks left…

I’m in the process of resetting my product info if Presonus would ever answer my ticket and then I’ll have a legit DAW to use instead of this cakewalk nonsense…

I didn’t know what I was doing back then either so I forgot my username, the email I used, the password and all… I just recorded, and then mixed… Took the mix to the car to test it’s quality and then made adjustments until it was pleasant to my ear because that seemed like the most practical choice for someone with no recording or mixing skills… I never got into gear or mixing I just wanted to play… I regret that now… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And I hope it was not what you expected in a good way… I’m putting more on there in a bit to highlight my range of styles until I can get this audio station back on it’s feet… Basically, until then, It’s just a video of basslines, or condenser mic acoustic fretless tracks, which I could record sufficiently in a pinch with these free DAW’s… I’m actually amazed by how extensive they are for freebies…

Iron Maiden… :rofl::rofl::rofl: My son recognized that drum cover the other day and ran into my room because he loves Iron Maiden… I named him (my son) after Django Reinhart and hoped he’d appreciate music but he didn’t… He never liked any music of any kind… One day he decided that he should at least find something that he could get in to and after careful contemplation, he landed on Iron Maiden…

I am… SO sorry for rambling on like this… I’m on my second gallon of coffee… :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you sincerely for your feedback…

Ok, That is a distressing thing to have done.

Cakewalk is nonsense I agree but it will get the job done (it was a top DAW in its day as Sonar - in between crashes) so work what you have. That is advice I was given when younger and so glad I really followed that.

If you are a Bassman, you are not immediately a Mix Engineer. Nor should you have to be. It is an unwise assumption as it takes you away from what you are best at. I am a Mix Engineer and Composer. Can’t play an instrument to save myself. It is embarrassing because the Ramones are retards and I am borderline genus, they can play guitar and me, not so much. Trying to play instruments is a waste of my time. I can lead you to do that for me far better. So if mixing is ever needed, hire me, factor it in to the price as an option.

The other assumption is that if you think you should send a mixed recording to a client, that is wrong. Dangerous even as mix decisions cannot be made until the actual mix. Musicians who get too into forcing their “sound” before the mix (unless like Hooky or Steve Harris and a result of a playing style) cause real issues for the Mix of their songs. Send as raw as you can so long as you have tidied up when you burped.

Oh indeed, if I thought your playing was garbage, I would have said nothing. Definitely not mentioned Mick Karn & Pino Palladino. Two of the most amazing bassists ever.

Sorry it took a few days to respond. Had to change my username/ENITIRE ACCOUNT!!! The Devil Pig thing isn’t going to work on here I think… Another lesson is not rushing in… :rofl:

But definitely… I’ve already thought about throwing you some work for sure. And I am in total agreement that the tracks should be as raw as possible. When I was setting up my gig and referencing other bass gigs I was kind of astonished by some of the offerings in regard to mixing. How could you possibly know how your customer wants it mixed?

And the Palladino practice days were awesome!!! Picked up some wild right hand techniques from that dude. That was also the Gary Willis days for me. Between the two and my Jaco obsession, I was wearing double wristbands to keep my wrists from going numb. Uber stress… :rofl: